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“The Trendsetters” is a promo group of different types of people with different styles. Instead of trading and showing off our styles, we will trade codes with each other, make promo list, promo each other, make friends, and show off more. Here are the rules to be a trendsetter.


  • MBF Bethany, Kayla , Patricia (We will check)
  • Can be ANY time of blog
  • Reblog this post as many times as you want. The more you reblog the better chance you have to get in
  • Your follower count does NOT matter! We will be helping each other gain followers, so that is not a problem
  • We will very ACTIVE in this promo group.

What will do in The Trendsetters?

  • we will become best friends
  • help gain notes on pictures
  • help WIN any polls that we are in
  • blog makeovers
  • exchange codes/celeb urls
  • advice
  • screenshots
  • anon promos
  • double promos
  • self promote in each others ask box

We will pick 10-15 blogs, defiantly more depending on the notes. Once this gets a decent amount of notes ( which is like around 30-40) we will choose a date for when we will pick blogs.

But also remember if you are not chosen you will have many opptunitites to get in.

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